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Dri-Dek For Home and Patio

It’s a breeze to clean, pressure wash or just hose it down.

It trims to fit wall-to-wall or around equipment.

Dri-Dek quickly snaps together to fit anywhere.

Dri-Dek is the beautiful solution for concrete patio, sunroom and wood deck floors. Use Dri-Dek by the pool or spa, under fitness equipment, in the basement or workshop and anywhere you want a clean and dry surface. The flow through surface keeps everything clean dry and beautiful, summer and winter. Available in twelve designer colors, you can match any decor. Anywhere. Any time.

Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles, Sheets and Rolls

Sizes & Colors

The Dri-Dek 1' x 1' Tiles, 3' x 4' Sheets and 3' x 12' Rolls will all interlock and accept the 2" x 12" Beveled Edge and the 2" x 2" Corner on all sides. All Dri-Dek is 9/16" thick.