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Stand At Ease With Dri-Dek.

It’s a breeze to clean, pressure wash or just hose it down.

The 2” x 12” beveled Edge provides a transition and finish to Dri-Dek’s raised design.

Dri-Dek quickly snaps together to fit anywhere.

Dri-Dek anti-fatigue flooring helps eliminate the stress and pain from stand-up jobs. How? It’s simple. Each Dri-Dek 1’ x 1’ tile has 289 shock-absorbing, flexible legs to cushion your legs from the concrete below. Feet feel better, backs and legs feel better. You stay alert and productive. All day. Every day.

Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles, Sheets and Rolls

Sizes & Colors

The Dri-Dek 1' x 1' Tiles, 3' x 4' Sheets and 3' x 12' Rolls will all interlock and accept the 2" x 12" Beveled Edge and the 2" x 2" Corner on all sides. All Dri-Dek is 9/16" thick.