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Dri-Dek Cushions Tools and Equipment. Keeps It Dry.

It’s a breeze to clean, pressure wash or just hose it down.

The secret is in the 284 legs under each Tile that allow free flow of air to keep your gear and equipment dry.

Dri-Dek quickly snaps together to fit anywhere.

Every year more fleet managers, tradesmen, and fire chiefs outfit their trucks with Dri-Dek. Why? Because it works. Dri-Dek cushions equipment and when it gets wet, the raised flow-through surface lets air flow for fast drying. It stands up to oils. Grease. Alkalies and solvents. It supports the weight in any climate without cracking or buckling. Installs in minutes, lasts for years.  To determine the number of Dri-Dek Tiles required to cover your truck bed, click HERE to request the "Pickup Truck Bed Liner" brochure.  Simply locate your truck by year/make/model on the latter pages of the PDF.

Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles, Sheets and Rolls

Sizes & Colors

The Dri-Dek 1' x 1' Tiles, 3' x 4' Sheets and 3' x 12' Rolls will all interlock and accept the 2" x 12" Beveled Edge and the 2" x 2" Corner on all sides. All Dri-Dek is 9/16" thick.